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TheBestel Hotel(Xiamen Bisite Jiudian) is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road pedestrian street and Jukou Street, close to the dock and opposite the popular Gulangyu Island. Several scenic spots such as Wanshi Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University and Huandao Road are all close by. This Xiamen hotel has a great variety of accommodations ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites...More>>

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  • leiyee
    Location is good, but the Mall noisy, otherwise OK.
  • e1236
    Pretty good, pretty good, the price can also, much better than hotels on the island! demanding lujiang,
  • sunnyguo8
    Very comfortable hotel, in the pedestrian streets, room super large beds very soft is great, very quiet around, the only drawback is no scenery outside the window!
  • e00747835
    Zhongshan Road on the edge of room very comfortable.
  • maimai
    Great experience! room large, bed comfortable, hygienic clean. Slightly stains the carpet. Location is very convenient, Zhongshan South Road to walk down the stairs are.
  • alli428
    Hotel location is very good, open inside commercial Plaza in the South. elevators need to swipe up and down, very safe! staff is also good, send packages sent. but age, hardware is a bit lacking. dining area on the second floor a lot!
  • eRic.
    Overall a good environment, is to drive traffic around inconvenient
  • office110_2000
    Which is very nice
  • jxyse3p
    Second stay at, as well!
  • mjj1496
    Hotel room is big enough, health is also good, but the surrounding environment, in addition to convenient shopping pedestrian street, price low.
  • joecai
    Location is good, turn left out is the street. clean, big rooms, but is not worth more than 800. hotel breakfast and dinner too
  • e01045701
    Good shopping
  • Jessie Lee
  • god_andy
    MOM made, setting also is said to be good, is old facilities.
  • a0101115
    It's OK
  • gaisong114
    Hotel facilities are is new. on in Zhongshan Road inside. downstairs on can shopping ahead go on has snacks Street. traffic very convenience. to to had CUO an, playing of as long as more than 20 more. to to cruise Center also only 13 block. but because in roadside night has is of car sound. does not effect rest. service I really of wants to to 10 Star star. I put in bed Shang of clothes morning clean aunt Pack room of when also help I folding good has. really of very intimate. hotel within also is health. This is I tourism live had most designatedCount hotels. two rooms are very large living room too! rating 100 minutes!
  • ellawene
    That's good.
  • e00618297
    In the pedestrian street on the edge of which is very convenient, the room is on the street a little bit noisy at night!
  • nanboananboa
    Convenient pedestrian street next door to room large bed comfortable
  • cflowj
    Help the parents to break, very close to the Terminal, the old man was satisfied with.
  • lolicon
    The hotel is very clean, the traffic is convenient, service very good
  • joycelo
    Special and comfortable environment, two 1.35 metres bed, child stress, located in the Zhongshan Road walking Street, shopping is very convenient. next to Xiamen remained the preferred residence.
  • lee_yang
    Location is good, away from Zhongshan Road and ferry terminal are is near, somewhat make in the take static of feel, set of administrative big bed room, has window of, continuous two late, health clean of not satisfactory, especially bathroom, long long of hair on so striking of free of lying with, see with is not comfortable! quilt cover has broken hole, also mending had of, but wash have clean of, this can accept! will to friends recommended of!
  • Owen Chiang Ching-kuo
    Hotel not very good looking but very good
  • bainiya
    Tourism amenities room living is good, bright, looked to be clean, especially its small balconies, curtain pulled, eat a snack, do not affect the child.
  • Lydialiang
    Overall is good,
  • e00137828
    Hotel of location also good, in downtown, we just intends to is night to gulangyu, so away from ferry terminal is near, out of to probably 500 meters around. Zhongshan Road, famous of sand tea surface, snacks Street are very of near, to University also convenient. room is big, but personal think bathroom too small has, also has is lobby looks is is not how, in Mall of middle, and not know is business too good has, we day 3 points around to, room also didn't clean goodServices generally nothing bad, but nothing special, and environment in the city centre, so in General, breakfast was good, the key is the most important, great, children turn over is not afraid.
  • e01776108
    Which is very nice
  • joweni
    Environment is very good, the room is spacious and convenient.
  • laodu72
    Hotel location in the city centre, near Zhongshan Road, good location, big rooms, clean, quiet, beside the tourist shopping, eating more, Xiamen tourism is a good choice
  • e00757153
    Great location, downtown, shopping convenience, there are snack Street. good staff attitude, it tube service. but old room, not very sanitary, four star facilities are not up to standard. and home prices more expensive.
  • babypetit
    Good location, easy to access, and stayed here for the second time.
  • fsmmay
    Very good location
  • amy1025
    Very convenient next to Zhongshan Road. take children for a two-metre bed very well. have breakfast in the morning
  • davieyan
    Overall is good location very good going out very convenient especially recommend fresh Ding Hui, second floor, buffet is very good
  • mingming6019
    Good hotel well, memorable trip and a good breakfast!
  • aimee1220
    Cost-effective and convenient
  • cnant02
    Good location in the Mall, eat around are very convenient! snacks on the side streets. rooms are large, beds is good, big sofa for swim back to tea lovers we praise!
  • jm818
    Rooms are spacious and comfortable, service is in place, the breakfast selection. strategic location close to the business district.
  • rainliuyu
    Expensive now, before the no room
  • fwd389500
    Very good location, staff need to improve (found the room network, tried to phone the front desk two times ' immediately arranged to staff ', but nobody to deal with him until the departure)
  • ballada2010
    Great, but WiFi was a little slow. other very good, the room was big, nice
  • bl7705
    Well, eat around a lot
  • jessieyingying
    Hotel facilities are old, carpets are dirty, poor bathroom floor drain water, bath water will flow out and slippers is of poor quality, obviously is to leave two points, at 12 o'clock at the front desk called to push, promised arrival drinks also called several times before to send, service is very poor! the only thing worth saying where is location
  • apple2424
    Also, downstairs is the decoration has strong flavour
  • Mj787 skin
    Hotel is close to the ferry terminal, near Zhongshan Road, location bad. the hotel facility slightly old. rooms with floors there are a lot of delicious restaurants and affordable. to visit Xiamen is a good place to stay.
  • im_im
    Comfortable, spacious, excellent location, nice place.
  • e04657159
    Hardware is not good, but big room and bed width is advantage. but the biggest advantage is that good, go out the pedestrian street, there are several dining rooms on the second floor, eating shopping convenience.
  • e03430405
    Hotel is near the Zhongshan Road, love this hotel, recommend, and no mosquitoes.
  • siman