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TheBestel Hotel(Xiamen Bisite Jiudian) is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road pedestrian street and Jukou Street, close to the dock and opposite the popular Gulangyu Island. Several scenic spots such as Wanshi Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University and Huandao Road are all close by. This Xiamen hotel has a great variety of accommodations ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites...More>>

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  • Ayiana
    Is a bit old, it should be redecorating as soon as possible, service quality has fallen, hoping not to be eliminated just came
  • bluecc
    Except Rod also no what other said of has. on in Zhongshan Road, in ferry next. room is big, two Zhang big bed. also has sofa, desks. anyway Super satisfaction. is hotel of TV not more? we live has 4 late. are is satisfaction. clean aunt daily are help we cleanup. hotel of self breakfast also is rich. sushi delicious to explosion, also has fish intestinal...... Waiter was a sweet Taiwanese accent, listen to great. the day we are a taxi to the airport costs 60 Yuan, Location is the center of Xiamen is a bit far from the airport. or to the Marina opposite the building, take the airport bus. Hotel across the street you can see the gulangyu. seems to be called lujiang road. the stay very pleasant.
  • lioncow06
    Price was good
  • e01684319
    Super awesome!
  • feederems
    Hotel Nice location in the central business district, the only downside is the front desk in the Mall on the second floor, hard to find.
  • jetlovefree
    Hotel location is good, out is convenient, hotel in Mall inside, to of when downstairs knock beat playing in decoration, day more noisy has decoration of taste. room spacious, standard between bed is big, can and bed. only not satisfaction of is hotel of service personnel, business not cooked, management also has problem, first fourth days to eat breakfast first trip elevator sat full has, husband first to has restaurant, to door active told door of waiter has a to pay of children, asked waiter to list signed single, clothingWorks Member asked also didn't asked children more job to has Zhang half price of list let husband signed (front days are is I signed single of, husband fundamental didn't note above of price),, I and daughter down, waiter found I daughter over 1.40 meters, is you're welcome of called we heavy signed single, attitude is bad a Deputy caught thief of like! more funny of is check out of when found put day signed of a full price of single and half price of are is in has, at also to I guarantee didn't put half price of is in... ThenIs doom you to pay a deposit (check when and how not to let the intersection?), pay the second day saw us urging us to pay (between the front desk and the restaurant does not update information in a timely manner?) Seems to be afraid of as we take advantage of, stared at the guests, like eye on thief! 5 minutes last we checked out of the hotel (already in the taxi to the station, open for a long time how is it possible to go back to!?) Give me a call, let me go back to the front desk the required deposit! this is meBefore I asked the front desk twice, 'okay?' ' Are we good to go? ' Case!
  • lorelei
    Pedestrian street on the edge of convenient! ten minutes to ferry! in an hotel in shopping mall, mess room many, decorating the old, too messy, IPTV is so poor, slow is not little! is rushing out of the juice for breakfast, difficult to drink!
  • e01396097
    Hotel is not very new, but fully equipped, the room was big
  • llfwx
    Which is very nice
  • clj8502
    Convenient and comfortable
  • gynmm
    General satisfaction. hotel location good, ferry terminal past four hundred or five hundred meters road, out is Zhongshan Road Street, near bus station more, travel is convenient. hotel lobby is decoration, total Taiwan service good, open room check out are is fast. room spacious, facilities complete. only not satisfaction of is breakfast children must make 29 Yuan, said is half price offers, but feel mean has points, out so more place most hotel are is sent of.
  • cool4orange
    Hotel in the Mall, go out shopping, Zhongshan Road is very convenient, breakfast lot of brands
    Room on the third floor, the environment is clean, somewhat chaotic in the lobby, but the breakfast was excellent
  • god_andy
    MOM made, setting also is said to be good, is old facilities.
  • ballada2010
    Great, but WiFi was a little slow. other very good, the room was big, nice
  • e00240142
    Hotel good service, quiet, elderly and children very well.
  • abc15abc
    Always stay at this hotel for three years, but several recent stay very dissatisfied!, mainly in services, is getting worse, the next time you will ever live.
  • jessie_wei
    Second live-Xiao GUI
  • noamdic
    Hotel condition very good, breakfast buffet good. HA HA! especially the location is so convenient. 32 great!
  • gamblegod
    Hotel location is very good, very close to the pedestrian street, convenient hotel services is also very good, will be considered in the future to live
  • pandaodile
    Convenient, clean and
  • mjj1496
    Hotel room is big enough, health is also good, but the surrounding environment, in addition to convenient shopping pedestrian street, price low.
  • pardon004
    Pretty good, pretty good.
  • eos403
    Hotel address wrong, leading to hard to find, call female front desk said in the wrong place, resulting in a lot of places, and finally by another man the front desk said the correct address to find is actually a large street, Zhongshan Road is near and convenient.
  • fairylyy1117
    Suitable for couples or join small vacation, business travel, travel can be quietly alone.
  • bainiya
    Tourism amenities room living is good, bright, looked to be clean, especially its small balconies, curtain pulled, eat a snack, do not affect the child.
  • fsx8311
    Location is ideal for tourists, kids also like
  • amycf2828
    Hotel location is very good, very convenient.
  • deeppurplebruce
    Which is very nice
  • ddmsyml
    Very good, young and old-suite is very convenient!
  • bbc1129
    Great location, next to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road
  • arvinjyang
    It's OK
  • fyj_moody
    Second night room service breakfast was well satisfied with the conditions, should continue to stay
  • antony09
    Xiamen again well continue to select amenities
  • e03130325
    Big room, health, four star breakfast, but charges 59 alone is too expensive, children and also to be 28 ... a bit expensive ... hotels Great. shops on the first floor, and started on the second floor is the hotel. pattern. near Zhongshan Road ... very convenient trip.
  • Lynn_Lee
    Good location in the city centre, just near the Zhongshan Road, shopping is very convenient to snack, is recommended.
  • e03415842
    Is the location was excellent, very close to the pedestrian street, but on the value for money in General
  • baolinew
    Close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, very convenient
  • m02896973
    Plaza, upstairs in the South-the parking, opposite the ferry and Zhongshan Road ... Overall environment of older
  • Cola Lovin Ice
    Hotel line
  • e00067531
    Good location, easy to go anywhere
  • jenny liu
    Hotel, great location, and imagined the same. I must mention is their dinner buffet is very rich, more than 70 dollars is really value for money, very much, is also very suitable for children.
  • beibilly
  • clown114
    Hotel location very good but facilities do generally Samsung semi standards
  • guos1029
    Bad review! noise outside the window large bathroom is simple
  • gaofeiblue
    Is located in the rioting, but the hotel is very large, the room environment is not bad
  • jinm_xu
    Easy access to eat around the hotel! next time I go to will choose!
  • conan8800
    Family holiday, away from old terminal near, to Zhongshan Road good, health General, room enough big. because 3 people staying, hotel standard room enough, just began not know 3 people of on distribution has two sets wash supplies and towel can understanding, second days also is such need himself to asked has is, and is tissue, two days are answered no towel. basically experience on such, on has, Cup has small broken hole, shut has lamp almost thought is stain. lobby until afternoon is air-conditioning, called taxi's, let ITo the door and call their own.
  • evans_0815
    Very satisfied
  • Jessy12cn
    Well, the room was large and very clean, the most important is easy, go out shopping, is near from the Zhongshan Road