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TheBestel Hotel(Xiamen Bisite Jiudian) is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road pedestrian street and Jukou Street, close to the dock and opposite the popular Gulangyu Island. Several scenic spots such as Wanshi Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University and Huandao Road are all close by. This Xiamen hotel has a great variety of accommodations ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites...More>>

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  • jdcpsj
    Recommendation of a friend, good location and convenient transportation, going to the beach, to buy food go ahead from there, room is very clean and are cleaned every day, satisfied
  • ex5w106
    Nice, very quiet, every day to clean the room
  • iamjianping
    Is a great hotel, came to live here, very convenient.
  • annaijing
    Very good, very very clean, Zhongshan Road and is very near from the sea!
  • bamboocindy
    Located in the roads, nice bar da
  • angelcain
    Several hotels, the location was excellent, the Zhongshan Road
  • greenwood
    Hotel location quite good, on in Zhongshan Road near, distance all attractions taxi just ten block, and downstairs is Street, distance snacks Street walk only needed several minutes. room is big, bed also is big, is bed some too soft has, sleep not habits! hotel although in downtown, but room location is good, is also not noisy, night sleep is quiet. General for in this location, this price price also is is high of
  • armaiti_
    Which is very nice
  • garun
    General Hotel, at the Mall, but the room is great, great, comfortable bed, and twin beds can be put together, especially for kids!
  • lfbs003
    Hotel transportation is convenient, from the bus station, beach, is close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, get breakfast buffet is sumptuous. room is large enough, is the toilet and shower rooms are fully transparent, can only pull the curtains this trouble. overall is very satisfying.
  • sam_1890023
    Good location although the one-way road,
  • e00006798
    Hotel OK, go out and turn the corner is Zhongshan Road shopping street, convenient
  • alvin_foo
    Very close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, ready for a walk, eating! room was good, breakfast good!
  • Ice Man
    General health environment, pillows, moldy, slept for two days was itching! next time you won't have to
  • Never Most
    Hotel general good, on in Zhongshan Road Street Shang, around clothing shop snack bar what are has. hotel breakfast night of buffet rich and is affordable, praise-but we came Shi just Hotel II floor lobby in decoration, total Taiwan on compared crude, impression reduction points has. but live has 3, 4 days Hou of general feel good, next to Xiamen also is will select here of.
  • a865046071
    Nice. transportation is convenient ... no it is not satisfied with the
  • fengmangold
    A man with her live, is very comfortable, from the pedestrian street near eating shopping is convenient
  • wyp0628
    Environment, Zhongshan Road, very busy, noisy! shopping convenient, room is large enough, the price is not cheap, facilities and some old, carpet was dirty, but the hotel's breakfast buffet excellent, lived here most fulfilling one, hotel services, basically nothing, air conditioning noisy sound, overall!
  • lsjl000
    Room facilities good, staff good, breakfast is good, variety, and good taste. Street shopping convenience.
  • baragitta
    Frequent travel to Xiamen, Zhongshan Road, due to the company in, so here is more recent, is almost around price comparison facility, is still a little high.
  • jinxg_wx
    Very convenient location of the hotel, in addition to the hotel is Plaza in the South, and is near the Zhongshan Road, on foot for about 5 minutes, level 2 buffets, we eat a belly full of health doing good, we stayed for 2 nights, also clean the next day.
  • jll75
    It's OK
  • leiyee
    Location is good, but the Mall noisy, otherwise OK.
  • ausiding
    Breakfast good, buffet feeling good, check-in was a little slow but the Hall was renovated not too good
  • lin8089
    Nice! very nice!
  • liueng
    Hotel is well located, next to the High Street, travel, shopping, restaurants are very convenient. quiet, facilities, services, and health situation is good, cost-effective and suitable accommodation for the trip.
  • letitbesun
    Quiet. light is good ... room was very comfortable
  • emily5210
    Hotel water power poor service attitude
  • clsfox
    Travel with your kids, choose this lovely hotel, very satisfied. room is very large, to the island ring road, Xiamen University, pier as long as more than 10 fare, bus is the cheapest. easy. the hotel is outside the Mall, shopping super convenient. indoor environment is very good, clean health. breakfast is also good. service. is recommended.
  • jj4canada
    Hotel is very old, health in General, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, cost-effective family room, excellent location, most suitable for families with children the elderly to travel, breakfast variety, but with a reasonable
  • afaafaafa
    Originally wanted to be a family room and was informed by phone but no houses were renamed after two big bed rooms to the hotel only to find that there are family rooms and because already paid cannot change room-the King not satisfied with other aspects of good
  • montana
    Room was OK. Xiamen commercial. shopping. downstairs is.
  • dding0614
    Or a good breakfast is very rich! and as good as ever!
  • oldanne73
    Location is really good, going out is Zhongshan Road, hotel is very large, merged twin bed is King size bed amazing
  • James_007
    Hotel location is quite good, on Zhongshan Road, good breakfast, convenient, everyone needs.
  • nrc07
    All right!
  • jademeng
    Introduced by the hotel itself does not have any special needs, facilities, the rooms are large, the key is the location is very good, go out the pedestrian street, not far away is 54 to go directly to the port gulangyu Island, out to University, nanputuo Temple and the like are very convenient, reduce cost of travel time, very good. Shortcomings have room after a slight odor, there is central air conditioning outside unit noise outside.
  • belle4518
    Overall feels good, staying on the second floor, right next to the road, stroll shopping convenient, very close to the ferry terminal, to Xiamen Huli Hill Fort bus is also very hard to find.
  • eastsaint
    Traffic is very convenient, just near the Zhongshan Road, there are many eating out! a lot of unique eats and shops there! morning walk you can walk across the gulangyu, the traffic is very convenient, simple at the front desk, clean comfortable room
  • celine663366
    Family suites for a comfortable and convenient and good location, hotel one is Xiamen's bustling Zhongshan Street
  • gretlwen
    Good for a family trip ~ ~ ~
  • manjingjia
    Hotel facilities, service and surroundings
  • e03567222
    Rooms are large, downstairs to eat something, wanted to renew but peak summer house
  • e05635620
    Hotel Nice is good, very good place
  • jaenouyang
    Hotel location is very convenient, nearby places to eat a lot, what Supper is not a problem, health can be, is the bathroom is too small, shower isn't easy with kids. service is very good, the requirements can be met in a timely manner, overall it is good.
  • Bibiana_lau
    Photo No. but the hotel is really very nice.
  • geoeco
    Early has 3 months set of room, to we upgrade to has suite, General room type is a square was segmentation into two a function district, living room and bedroom, are has TV, bathroom is glass door of has curtain, central air conditioning refrigeration stable, service also also is in place. bed on we for also is soft has points, breakfast although style not more, but eat full didn't problem, also has lunch and dinner of self supply, but not can package, even to children took points small snack let Pack of staff seeTo also will stop, later live sea Hyatt Villa others directly with insulation tank package porridge, completely didn't people talk. staying Shi 1 age above of children must to provides account this, we only with has was born card and passes, was requirements photo registration information, later turned to sea Hyatt Villa Shi, I show Hong Kong and Macao passes on smooth staying has, a points problem no. human aspects also to be improved.
  • BingwuXie
    Is near from the Zhongshan Road, staff are particularly good, especially our friend forgetting ID card cannot be boarded to a great deal of help, special thanks to Lai Yan, let us reach the gulangyu
  • faytal
    Good Location, Nice and Convenience. We will choose this hotel every time we travel to Xiamen
    First choice of Xiamen, Zhongshan Road, most downtown hotel is located in the pedestrian street, shopping is very convenient for food. indoor environment well, fully furnished, very clean