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TheBestel Hotel(Xiamen Bisite Jiudian) is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road pedestrian street and Jukou Street, close to the dock and opposite the popular Gulangyu Island. Several scenic spots such as Wanshi Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University and Huandao Road are all close by. This Xiamen hotel has a great variety of accommodations ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites...More>>

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  • bibiniao176
    Hotel location is very good, dining and shopping are very convenient, the room was big, for a holiday! but I want severe ridicule of the hotel's front desk, check-in took 20 minutes! please note that is not one of them is so that every guest came in front of me was so slow, are less than 20 minutes! don't know why are they doing this!
  • lilyraining
    You can also, on Zhongshan Road not far from shopping, to Pier
  • cargomao
    Traffic is very convenient and only a 10-minute walk from street of snacks out there drop
  • lilyfb
    Room was spacious and very clean, WiFi is slowly eats a lot of many shops around Xiamen is located in the downtown area a lot back clothing cheap
  • sddj123456
    All right
  • altacia
    Hotel really of is make in the take static, tight got in the mountain, daily night shopping to is late, directly back, away from bus station also not far, to ferry and Island Road University are convenient, facilities with with smoothly, not new hotel certainly cannot so new's, but general feel good, also has check out of when is a beauty waiter, play of happy, live of also satisfaction
  • cawaiicici
    Also nice
  • connieguo
    Hotel location was very good, service was great!
  • dongyan0918
    Hotel in great location, the rooms are good, go out
  • alan2004168
    Comfortable, good sound insulation, nice one.
  • E01319562
    Although only one night, but value-for-money
  • fannieguo
    Very satisfied with staying!
  • duanweiguo
    Good location, the House is a bit old, the bed is too soft.
  • freebird
    Room was very clean and big, the location is also very good, from the snack street close
  • glj910
    Hotel Zhongshan Street, ferry, bus station, seaside building, is close to the station, river course on the second floor, River cuisine restaurant, live and eat well. from the airport take the Airport Express line (ferry) to the spring under the hotel, can also play (40-50). hotel room than the larger, quieter.
  • tianlin60
    Hotel is OK, good location, close to the ferry
  • e04925105
    Hotel room is very large, in Zhongshan Road on the edge of accessible, good breakfast, dinner buffet at 79, is affordable, and sushi and seafood Cook great service attitude, later on it will stay!
  • e05817162
    Still have a go, but fortunately, the environment almost
  • ada0426
    Distance from the city center, hotel environment
  • rita_ran
    Service is good, the location is also very lively, Zhongshan Road in 3 minutes
  • fsding2
    Convenient, nice smell, but the room could be improved.
  • cjx224
    Overall pretty good, which recently entered the room have a pungent taste, maybe the reason is because the carpets in the room. air conditioner would be better.
  • jjyy1976
    Section is good, but the hotel is a bit old
  • datian
    Very good, very happy with it.
  • bendandan5
    Nice, convenient to gulangyu island ferry near
  • e00044234
    Hotel location is very convenient, no lobby, facilities can, praise.
  • anjuny
    Which is very nice
  • ammwuna
    Arcade upstairs hotel
  • d00460419
    Good, very satisfied.
  • blue_bubble
    Really good-very satisfactory-booked a Deluxe Suite, nice, and clean-
  • celine0530
    Nice clean. it is worth staying at.
  • litan99
    Hotel Suite is perfect for a family of three, feels like home.
  • e01387403
    Friends liked hotel's convenient!
  • bbmon
    Everything is good, is to eat at the buffet in the evening, the chef cut raw fish, too lacking in quality, next to Xiamen stay the
  • linxuabb
    Nice find, then eats a lot around. rooms at check in as other user reviews, on the second floor of the Mall, slightly chaotic. shopping mall on the first floor in the decoration, was worried the mocking sizzle, then ... ... We are on the fifth floor, stayed in family suite b. environment than expected, was worried washing problems with girlfriends, a total of four people. and see there are 2 bathrooms, good, is the large gap between two rooms ... ... Large rooms are en-suite, smallJust put a bed. overall satisfaction! worth mentioning is that the stains on the sheets of the big room, which is also the room didn't play for five minutes ... ...
  • laytsing
    Oh well
  • e03262647
    From airport taxi came 62 block, hotel on in Zhongshan Road side Shang, walk a few minutes Bell on to Zhongshan Road, is convenient. to room need in elevator inside brush room card to by need to of floors, and has two Zhang room card, without worried a a people out back not to. room is big, only bad of is air conditioning on implantation of location, night time long has stand, but and no remote control, also have up shut, TV is network box, no CCTV3568, many program areIs need paid of, so although has two a TV, but basically is device, didn't how open, weak weak of spit slot about. breakfast buffet 7 points to 10 points, is Rod, type many. General also can, live has two late moved yellow CUO, two days city, two days Beach Inn, different of feel, but hotel also is formal points, refrigerator, safe are has, the aspects of facilities are compared perfect, after all price in there, overall worth recommended!
  • sevan7
    Really good!
  • airstream
    This Xiamen tour impression most deep of is this hotel, we continuous live has 3 late, room is big, bed also is big, think is comfortable is worth. hotel location good, very convenient, to ferry to Zhongshan Road are is near, service personnel and enthusiasm, special to praised of is hotel rooms Service Center, I check out of when put IPAD forget in room has, phone past immediately help I Express home, if has opportunities again to, I must also will select amenities.
  • E00057454
    Large area, it is a bit old
  • PigPigJoyce
    The location of the hotel is quite good, is the bustling Zhongshan Road, go to square up to the second floor in the South saw the hotel's front desk check in quite fast, warm and thoughtful service, room was very good, a very large area, buffet breakfast was excellent, the key is to go to University, nanputuo Temple, huandao road are very convenient, highly recommended!
  • gommn
    Nice hotel, good location.
  • catspirit
    A very good environment
  • davidsevon
    I booked a suite hotel at the Mall, it's okay to eat very convenient location, but in the decoration around the hotel-breakfast buffet
  • SiJia
    Overall is very satisfied with the! health is also good! offered breakfast was excellent
  • Apple-Axisy
    Downtown hotels
    Hotel in the Centre, very convenient! near a lot of things to buy a lot of things to eat
  • flyin4rose
    Hotel is good and near urban areas. but it is a little old.
  • Alananita2009
    Hotel and the surroundings are pretty good, but the price is not particularly high
  • DINGLING2658
    Also very wet but feeling the quilt room is the inner South is this four star General in addition to locations where there is no color