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TheBestel Hotel(Xiamen Bisite Jiudian) is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road pedestrian street and Jukou Street, close to the dock and opposite the popular Gulangyu Island. Several scenic spots such as Wanshi Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University and Huandao Road are all close by. This Xiamen hotel has a great variety of accommodations ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites...More>>

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  • baby1119lily
    Just fine.
  • a894317
    Is in 11 after to of, no experience front of travel who said of service poor health bad of situation, room size also can, cannot said big, but at least live with not hold flexor, in downtown this place, this price also is good has, room of decoration can see zhiqian is is good of, but time long has to now wallpaper also is some damaged has, bathroom of wallpaper has water track, bed not is too soft, bedding also not new has. but General for is good of, even live has two late,Because transportation is so convenient shopping centre next to it!
  • gretlwen
    Good for a family trip ~ ~ ~
  • Too bad
    Rooms are very large, close to Carrefour and PPR around, walking Street, very convenient, it is worth
  • James_007
    Hotel location is quite good, on Zhongshan Road, good breakfast, convenient, everyone needs.
  • e00038795
    Hotel location in the Mall, just thought since the environment is not very good, front is small, Mall first floor there is the decoration of shops, hotel front desk on the second floor, and so on, however after a day like the very helpful staff will take the initiative and say hello to the guests, the front desk staff were very patient, breakfast very rich ... ... If you want to consider the convenience shopping is convenient to recommend. However, it is said that this is a four star hotel, the reality falls far short, does not have any recreational facilities and wineShop Park.
  • bianliwei
    Ants on the bed of the room, speak to the Hotel Manager, last changed room, sanitation is poor, not recommended
  • babysinclare
    Very good, location great, overall very much, next time will stay
  • littleniu
    Absolutely good location also very good ~ ~ room are also very satisfactory ~
  • dayuer
    Good but no big bed room
  • dianjingad
    Convenient. are satisfied with
  • JimLonely
    Well, scheduled earlier, affordable
  • alvin_foo
    Very close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, ready for a walk, eating! room was good, breakfast good!
  • lilionline
    Pretty good
  • fadedglory
    Next to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road! in the South Plaza! Kuan open family room!2 bedroom, one bathroom! four great!, lujiang road, walking to! beach night view of gulangyu! most important is good sound insulation in such a busy environment!
  • cassieyao
    Yes, very convenient.
  • B.MAO
    Hotel is near the Zhongshan Road, and the price can also be. room was quite large, double beds can be put together very good. breakfast was so-so-
  • clsfox
    Travel with your kids, choose this lovely hotel, very satisfied. room is very large, to the island ring road, Xiamen University, pier as long as more than 10 fare, bus is the cheapest. easy. the hotel is outside the Mall, shopping super convenient. indoor environment is very good, clean health. breakfast is also good. service. is recommended.
  • graceliu3999
    Well ... Next time you will choose
  • baoguobao
    The hotel reception is on the first floor renovation, staff was nice, some taste in the hotel room, but so much better than surrounding those so-called features bed and breakfasts hotel, surrounding traffic, particularly convenient! recommended
  • mingfan2000
    This was my second stay at this hotel, room was great, spacious, good location, go out shopping, from the ferry terminal near, more variety for breakfast, cost-effective, fly in the ointment is the Wifi signal is not very good, in short, is good.
  • amybi
    Very good, rooms are clean and in the pedestrian street, but naozhongqujing. service attitude is good.
  • lincol0730
    Room was very big, the hotel buffet breakfast every day, the device still, super close to Zhongshan Road! bus which is also very convenient to Xiamen Wharf Road.
    Room on the third floor, the environment is clean, somewhat chaotic in the lobby, but the breakfast was excellent
    Good location, go around the corner is the Zhongshan Road, service is also very good, sipping tea on the terrace, is a device, nor how to pick up health, if playing on the eating of Xiamen, the most convenient.
  • Joe Chaoyang
    Hotel near in the mountain, out hotel walk several minutes on can arrived Zhongshan Road Street, super convenient; we live of is three floor, must brush door card to sat elevator up, such feel compared security; room pretty big of compared clean simple; bathroom also is spacious bright; Hotel waiter attitude lukewarm General like; breakfast has Chinese and Western of type also is can,; General for also can because room big location near in the mountain added has points!
  • allan.wu
    Hotel Environment General, management also General, a floor in decoration, room of air conditioning open of minimum of wind also is big, only is is by Zhongshan Road near, set of luxury suite more than 500 more, also than live lujiang hotel, price too low, yihou to not live has, a floor service also is poor, asked to a place wants to do bus, always called we took rental
  • Paulyuen2006
    Location well out of 200 meters walk to the Zhongshan Road is very quiet at night breakfast was great the only downside is the House dehumidification effect summer weather is hot and humid the door itself, after all, I do not know whether all the hotels have the problem
  • Daniel1973
    So so. The price expensive. Pillow is a little dirty
  • afaafaafa
    Originally wanted to be a family room and was informed by phone but no houses were renamed after two big bed rooms to the hotel only to find that there are family rooms and because already paid cannot change room-the King not satisfied with other aspects of good
  • jll75
    It's OK
  • eadmin
    OK, that is expensive.
  • e00284888
    Hotel is not nice, environments or very satisfied!
  • ping112
    Read reviews booked the hotel, and was not disappointed, and praise one, very satisfied
  • angelet
    Well, in the Mall on the second floor check-in
  • Debby77
    Also, surrounding lively, the rooms are good
  • flyin4rose
    Hotel is good and near urban areas. but it is a little old.
  • astras
    Overall, big room.
  • ctttt8
    Good good
  • assyw
    Very good location, very comfortable
  • txj1617888
    The surrounding environment is very good, Zhong Shan Road, go out, wherever convenient, breakfast was poor, relatively speaking. wife and child is comfortable playing in Xiamen.
  • e00140719
    Amenities location and hardware settings are excellent, good value for money. Zambia
  • immex
    Individual reception centre staff should be improved, in particular services language required specification
  • smile1880
    General old
  • joel_lsy
    Which is very nice
  • gdlcf88
    Featured hotels in Xiamen, one of the very good, worthy of staying well
  • laytsing
    Oh well
  • avicding
    Well, children have fun, come back still
  • baolinew
    Close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, very convenient
  • ada0426
    Distance from the city center, hotel environment