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TheBestel Hotel(Xiamen Bisite Jiudian) is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road pedestrian street and Jukou Street, close to the dock and opposite the popular Gulangyu Island. Several scenic spots such as Wanshi Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University and Huandao Road are all close by. This Xiamen hotel has a great variety of accommodations ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites...More>>

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  • a628120890
    In Zhongshan Road Street near, shopping compared convenient, to to lujiang road probably ten minutes, in Zhongshan Road and lujiang road cross mouth has minibus to had CUO an,, 16;30-22;50, each across 20 minutes sent a class, 7 Yuan fare, probably more than 10 minutes can to, due to hotel following is in a mall (is old nothing shopping of), compared noisy, Environment General, a layer of room too more has more than 100 more between room, somewhat hard to find, hotel room facilities General has small refrigerator, butSoundproofing is poor, upstairs watching TV the sound could be heard clearly, health room, breakfast was OK.
    Which is very nice
  • Prince.Ma
    Service was very good. is near from the Zhongshan Road. baby coughs, kitchen or burn garlic soup according to our requirements.
  • anvedy
    Hotels in good health, have obvious stains on the bed; the surrounding environment good, convenient to the attractions of hotel with good service, staff broke into a three-day; facilities, breakfast good.
  • graceliu3999
    Well ... Next time you will choose
  • jianglingjp
    Well, all the previous good
  • aaron760602
    Decent hotel
  • lxlwd
    Yes, Yes, all full marks, the most comfortable hotel in Xiamen, is a little bit expensive, breakfast is very rich
  • luminoctum
    It is worth staying at-large. adjacent to Zhongshan Road! breakfast variety
  • acbsyw
    Location was convenient meals in the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road shopping very convenient
  • blindsausage
    Satisfied, very convenient location, environment beyond imagination
  • amy1025
    Booked room is wrong, a bit like dedicated hosting tours
  • maggy16
    Suite is very comfortable, very convenient location, go out the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road shopping convenient snack a lot
  • anling
    Installation is a bit old, breakfast better than imagined, the location is excellent, 50 meters away from the Zhongshan Road.
  • dj331
    In the vicinity of Zhongshan Road, shopping is very convenient. rooms are spacious, two mattresses can move together. the morning buffet is also very good.
  • y878787
    Zhongshan Road is really very convenient, helpful staff, like his family's small terrace
  • evaxiao75
  • bossinipopo
    Hotel location is very good, where convenient, Zhong Shan Road, go out, the room was big and clean, only thing to improve is the WiFi speed is a bit slow.
  • callous19870930
    Room large bed very comfortable next to this hotel
  • j.epp
  • jobxxm
    Very satisfied
  • ctttt8
    Good good
  • E02912668
    Big kids can play the room ran opened facilities are generally located in the Zhongshan Road around eating and drinking to worry is easy with young children at home or taxi restaurant breakfast buffet very rich is in order to speed too slow
  • dontcry
    Room wireless speed can't use at all.
  • Jelly25
    Came 2 times lived here, very nice hotel!
  • apollosue0403
    Cost-effective, next to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, quiet, hotel facilities good
  • summerlijing
    Around Nice, near Zhongshan Road, hotel is a bit dated
  • tyson532
    Good, convenient
  • meifoo
    Good location, where to go, the hotel has some old, relatively old facilities
  • leanmin
    Which is very nice
  • lanling_ai
    Family Suite, very nice rooms, living room is very large, is bathroom fully transparent, pull a curtain too ugly and inconvenient
  • ericcuo
    Overall assessment.
  • amendabj
    OK! is worth considering! nice! great!
  • jimyang2004
    Shade cloth or broken change it so don't know, I didn't sleep well at night, outside lights shining in the night, the day bright and early. Zenith II bear cat gulangyu. way you, breakfast variety, but to eat a few samples, saying food of famous places, so bad.
  • andycyc
    That's good
  • goldenbomber
    Happy family living together is very convenient, rooms are very good, very comfortable. with breakfast, good value
  • regan88
    Second convenient location of the hotel is adjacent to Zhongshan Road, where is very convenient in the room are clean and admitted to still feeling comfortable with my family
  • GARMEN88
    Very good.
  • ice_oceanliu
    Good location, the room was big, looks very clean and tidy, breakfast, recommended.
  • cnant02
    Good location in the Mall, eat around are very convenient! snacks on the side streets. rooms are large, beds is good, big sofa for swim back to tea lovers we praise!
  • dg586dg586
    The hotel is a bit old, some small corner of the bathroom a bit sick because they are too old. WiFi although each room a super-slow turtle-speed ... ... Hotel Zhongshan Road, quite close to the down turn the corner on that. but gulangyu island cruise terminal 11 blocks away from the Center. but at midnight so more than two o'clock in the morning, as the hotel is located in the street is very noisy
  • tiona
    Left Zhongshan Road is near, eat of with of is convenient. out play also is convenient, shengping road out is Ferry station bus station. has many bus can to, but Xiamen of bus that people more Ah. breakfast General. every day as. room of bed is big, I is big bed room. bathroom is transparent of, can pulled curtain block. has may is Hotel time compared long has, has unit light of mold taste, if mind of caution staying. due to restaurant in Hotel Central Corridor in has catering of taste,Room no.
  • ben441
    It's not bad
  • baby88
    Room is big, health is good, service also is good, just Wi.fi Shi sometimes no, hotel II floor has Street, not out hotel on can eat to various food, away from Zhongshan Road Street is near, away from Datong Road old also is near, location good. price also more reasonable, breakfast varieties many, Super Rod! anyway is a good of hotel, worth a live.
  • gamine
    Stayed many times is just as great!
  • mangoogoo
    OK, very many times.
  • Fairyjn
    Can't comment on the star, nothing to do with stars, are malls upstairs retrofit business hotel, will affect the choice.
  • Mr_even
    Which is very nice
  • Combat
    Hotel's facilities and services are in line with its star, breakfast is rich, the key really good location, Zhongshan Road, right next door, where convenient
  • gentlemamn
    Location is located in old, downstairs 100 meters is Street, what John mad, yellow is and what various Xiamen of old shop, in street Shang are has. traffic well, although in old inside, not in main road, but out hotel door,, 1, 2 minutes also is at any time can playing to taxi. distance lujiang ferry walk about 10 minutes, original thought can directly from lujiang ferry boat to gulangyu, but since October 2014 all field visitors all through dongdu port mouth boatTo gulangyu zhihou (Note ahead of day night booking to gulangyu, or morning directly to only buy to is late of votes), this great of traffic advantage ceased to exists has, but visitors can in gulangyu night at 6 o'clock zhihou boat back, because 6 points zhihou gulangyu of tour round will directly open to lujiang Ferry station, without again from East du reversing has. facilities praise a, room Super big, facilities compared new, often in room inside heard corridor in was shouted 'I x, this room really atmosphere', Suitable for a family of three living children can run around the room. in addition, the room rate with breakfast buffet is also good, in North Canton, the breakfast at least 50 Ocean.