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TheBestel Hotel(Xiamen Bisite Jiudian) is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road pedestrian street and Jukou Street, close to the dock and opposite the popular Gulangyu Island. Several scenic spots such as Wanshi Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University and Huandao Road are all close by. This Xiamen hotel has a great variety of accommodations ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites...More>>

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  • clown114
    Hotel location very good but facilities do generally Samsung semi standards
  • guos1029
    Bad review! noise outside the window large bathroom is simple
  • gaofeiblue
    Is located in the rioting, but the hotel is very large, the room environment is not bad
  • jinm_xu
    Easy access to eat around the hotel! next time I go to will choose!
  • conan8800
    Family holiday, away from old terminal near, to Zhongshan Road good, health General, room enough big. because 3 people staying, hotel standard room enough, just began not know 3 people of on distribution has two sets wash supplies and towel can understanding, second days also is such need himself to asked has is, and is tissue, two days are answered no towel. basically experience on such, on has, Cup has small broken hole, shut has lamp almost thought is stain. lobby until afternoon is air-conditioning, called taxi's, let ITo the door and call their own.
  • evans_0815
    Very satisfied
  • Jessy12cn
    Well, the room was large and very clean, the most important is easy, go out shopping, is near from the Zhongshan Road
  • CCWind
    Pretty cool, is sometimes the TV does not open.
  • lango_sir
    Although pubiao, but great, the only downside is a open toilet
  • E01391937
    So far so good. Good location for shopping.
  • Ai5080899
    Our family suite, bedroom 5, one living room, near the pedestrian street, Shenzhen dongmen lively
  • caoyuanjie
    Just in Zhongshan Road Street of middle paragraph, location good, downstairs catering shop many, price affordable, should is locals also often visited of hotel, hotel room also big, although no bathtub, but bathroom spacious, shower comfortable, also is satisfaction. we set of is double bed room, but two Zhang bed of bed is attached of, is are without worried children off down, MOM also said next to also live here
  • ming6101
    Located right next to the pedestrian street, close to the month Warsaw tea tastes good.
    Nice, nice, near Zhongshan Lu.
  • youmeng051
    So so
  • babylinla
    Hotel room is very large, in the downtown area around transport facilities, convenience, should be a good choice. but the service really needs to be improved, go to the room on the day of card can't open the door, waiting for a long time has urged a few times before to solve. and says the door is broken and room, really embarrassed!
  • fyp123cn
    Because with children on wants to selected a distance Zhongshan Road and all attractions are near some of hotel, in online compared has is long, see has many evaluation, eventually select has here, was no disappointed, room is clean, ventilation or, no any odor, bath water also is good, worth a mention of is tap water like is filter of, soft soft of taste very good, also has breakfast is self, West type are has, last, hotel a floor on has convenience shop, door on can taxi, really of is convenient,Personally feel that the price is still pretty high here
  • aaapp2
    Location is good, close for shopping and snack, Zhongshan Road, just next to the hotel is in a shopping centre, there are a lot of food.
  • e04657159
    Hardware is not good, but big room and bed width is advantage. but the biggest advantage is that good, go out the pedestrian street, there are several dining rooms on the second floor, eating shopping convenience.
  • alli428
    Hotel location is very good, open inside commercial Plaza in the South. elevators need to swipe up and down, very safe! staff is also good, send packages sent. but age, hardware is a bit lacking. dining area on the second floor a lot!
  • mingming6019
    Good hotel well, memorable trip and a good breakfast!
  • andyle
    Located right next to the pedestrian street, very convenient, the breakfast is buffet. room is very large.
  • bao137
    Good location, breakfast delicious! nice and small balcony can drink tea and chat. great!
  • paradoxjias
    Overall good hotel, the rooms are large, the surrounding environment is good, is the lobby renovation
  • Banira
    Hotel is really nice, absolute?, bathroom shower set a non-slip floor tiles, there are clotheslines, next to the Zhongshan Road, friendly, service was good, definitely worth staying at.
  • flyinsnowing
    Lobby is not so good, a lot of shops a bit of a mess, downstairs to the room was good, location is convenient but 478 price is not cheap
  • apple44520
    Because set hotel time relationship, this hotel on set has a night. traffic from airport out directly Airport line to ferry, from Datong road go to hotel almost 15min, is convenient. hotel is in a mall in, because is decoration so check in need to II floor of desk (really of on several Zhang table). waiter somewhat high cold, but fortunately also is do has has asked will answer. Mall of a angle out is Zhongshan Road, snacks many. Note roadside ofThe fruit shop, 5 6 blocks don't buy a kilo of mangoes, mango can be called not a 3 kg 6 kg. really want to eat mangoes, or go to the street to buy 5 boxes of mangoes, vendors will sell peeled and cut, relative accounting; or go to Carrefour, but mango is not so sweet. If you want to go out for 141, 20min, which is very convenient, the boss is really. fraction of a few dollars more than a meal on a free, so we went to eatFor two days; if it is eaten in small glasses, including Xiamen South PuTuo Temple, has to remember 23. station not far from the hotel, the road also highlights local architecture.
  • e02290707
    Location is very advantageous, good service levels, is almost the center of Xiamen, shopping, attractions, meals are very convenient, next time you want to select it.
  • Albert168
    Really good ... others write very detailed, right for family fun, room has a window, running for baby, but the only problem is in the decoration on the second floor, some close to the second-floor room was very noisy, not for an afternoon nap. breakfast, you can choose to also can be.
  • linna57
    Hotel is very good, it is very convenient, is the room is not very good, nice
  • fanfanyin
    Hotel is located in the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, siming district, Xiamen City Center, location very good, extremely good, service excellent, families live very comfortable
  • deniselin
    Fortunately, Zhongshan Road, very close to a lot of food around.
  • siman
  • Eileen8408
    All over the room was musty smell
  • euan329
    Location is really good, away from Zhongshan Road out turned a bent on to has, away from old of ferry also not far, unfortunately only on public open has. hotel in a shopping square in, desk where of II floor has a clear dish Home Hotel is affordable, 4 days of dinner are in there solution has, to of late need, bit. set of family suite, room is spacious of, bed is soft is comfortable, is health not how, children naughty drill to curtains Hou play, had found Qian one guest left of garbage, seems ground dailyDoes not clean. need spit slot of is hotel of breakfast, at 7 o'clock on time open, cannot ahead of, many guest because urgent with out play are catch than, or has guest first door on in took has several bread prepared walk, returned to waiter stopped Xia said cannot with out, I live has 4 days, this a scene daily staged. last day listening to restaurant waiter said can overnight application, they provides package service. but daily has so more guest to asked front desk and restaurant whether can ahead of eat breakfast, eachTime she said no, nobody mentioned can be packaged services.
  • a894317
    Is in 11 after to of, no experience front of travel who said of service poor health bad of situation, room size also can, cannot said big, but at least live with not hold flexor, in downtown this place, this price also is good has, room of decoration can see zhiqian is is good of, but time long has to now wallpaper also is some damaged has, bathroom of wallpaper has water track, bed not is too soft, bedding also not new has. but General for is good of, even live has two late,Because transportation is so convenient shopping centre next to it!
  • e02524101
    Excellent location, excellent service, comfortable big bed, window shopping is also very convenient, nice
  • difnei
    Very good, very convenient, services are in place,
  • tang_beibei
    Good location, in the South of the square, very close to the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, shopping, eating, strolling, not far from the wheel ferry. the facilities, breakfast, more expensive.
  • andy_baijun
    First night I felt very good and staying with us, nice things, sound is also very good, rooms have a small refrigerator under the frozen fruit drinks or something, the rooms are no mosquitoes, drawback is the sink broke, water will flow to the ground
  • weixiao
    Okay, okay, okay.
  • JoeLinnn
    Downstairs is the lively pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, eat and stroll, very suitable for children!
  • MC Xiaogang
    Hardware in General, services are generally
  • snoopyy
    Very nice hotel, good location, easy to eat, absolute good facilities, for there to be admitted
  • Andy6618
    Which is very nice
  • ericlong2010
    Is the commercial area around, very convenient
  • lili_wuwu
    Restaurant in Hotel Central, noisy
  • Gemwang
    Bad was the last to leave when a little bit of unpleasantness I a people give me a room card to the hotel staff who are said to have two errors
  • Jessica1644
    Breakfast and lunch is very nice, comfortable mattress.
  • jwm0826
    Hotel in a great location, on Zhongshan Road walking, shopping is convenient for the Terminal. Services, this hotel was opened in the Mall, some old equipment really changed