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The Bestel Hotel (Xiamen Bisite Jiudian) is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road pedestrian street and Jukou Street, close to the dock and opposite the popular Gulangyu Island. Several scenic spots such as Wanshi Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple, Xiamen University and Huandao Road are all close by.

This Xiamen hotel has a great variety of accommodations ranging from standard rooms to deluxe suites.

In terms of dining, there are both Chinese and Western restaurants on the premises.

Variously-sized conference rooms are also provided for those traveling the city on business.

Additionally, there are big department stores and KTV rooms.[View Detail]
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  • siman
    The better!
  • bonny522xu
    Very good is the Mall downstairs, very good
  • a865046071
    Nice. transportation is convenient ... no it is not satisfied with the
  • angelawyl
    Really very good, next to Zhongshan Road, quiet in a good hotel, big rooms, double bed was 1.35, and synthesized into a large bed
  • Jeanie0
    Price, room was very large, walked up and down for children. one room one Hall, after the children go to bed at night can eat snacks in the Office. the location is very good, in fact, next to the pedestrian street, is very good. Deficiencies is the air conditioner was on the bed, the Hall is not enough, but sleep at night and they feel very cold. bathroom design is reasonable, want to stretch to start hitting blocks cement board. generally speaking, worthy of recommendation.
    Very clean and very convenient
  • Colorful ~ ~ Qing Wu
    Hotel location is good, room is big, although in the downtown area but without any noise! satisfaction was tomb-sweeping day, the price is a high, low prices would be OK, to Xiamen will choose this hotel next time!
  • dinglin888
    Location to say, is located in the city center, 2 bedroom and 1 living room house is perfect for your young family.
  • setsureina
    Hotel location is very good, convenient, room and purchases and free, quite satisfactory.
  • e02254277
    Very good hotel, Zhongshan Road and near gulangyu, suggestions to Xiamen travel friends, and personally think the higher cost.
  • luo12009
  • Anna_xu
    Location is very good. at City Center.
  • ljlwswwmt
    Hotel really of is a lots good, but if not since driving tour, walk to sat bus also is is not convenient of. we weekend live two late, set of is standard big bed room, hundreds of a room just to we arrangements has minimum of room type, absolute 15 flat not to, bed is 1.2-meter or 1.5-meter, with lots of other hotel price than he low, room type also not than 520 this between poor, is disappointed. after consultations only in second late to we for to has normal of room type, is this priceHotel the facilities. buffet breakfast is OK, quite a lot.
  • alxb500
    Good location, is not satisfied with the room, there was a guest on a cotton swab. breakfast and parking fee are also good.
  • e00230378
    Location, very convenient
  • e03880175
    Very good location, is very convenient for shopping and dining, staff very good, next time come to Xiamen stay
    Provides standard rooms, originally thought to be Queen, but two double bed of 1.35 meters. put together the bed was very comfortable, the rooms are very large, is the WiFi in the room is a bit unstable. is stable but the other one.
  • missingxx
    It wasn't too bad
  • duyitao
  • alexug
    The bed is too soft and uncomfortable to sleep.
  • e01899431
    Hotel is a bit old, but the surrounding environment, slightly a little bit noisy at night.
  • linxuabb
    Nice find, then eats a lot around. rooms at check in as other user reviews, on the second floor of the Mall, slightly chaotic. shopping mall on the first floor in the decoration, was worried the mocking sizzle, then ... ... We are on the fifth floor, stayed in family suite b. environment than expected, was worried washing problems with girlfriends, a total of four people. and see there are 2 bathrooms, good, is the large gap between two rooms ... ... Large rooms are en-suite, smallJust put a bed. overall satisfaction! worth mentioning is that the stains on the sheets of the big room, which is also the room didn't play for five minutes ... ...
  • liiisa
    Very nice hotel, good location, is Zhongshan Road and is close to the ferry. reserved is 1.35m double bed, a large
  • abc7275
    Very nice hotel good location, not far from the Terminal, the store is also responsible for, very enthusiastic, helping to carry the luggage to help point road. Not very hard to find, but found a really easy at night you can eat well in the surrounding shopping, comprehensive cost-effective, it is recommended that next opportunity will stay.
  • imprainbow
    At the hotel didn't think snack Street, walk, bus station, very convenient. put down our luggage in the snack Street, walk in a circle, designed for a large family holiday, old man in a room, the young shop. hotels breakfast, dinner buffet is good! more because a foreign restaurant one will. back room can store luggage in the lobby.
  • marsma8210
    Hotel service was very good, mainly in the city center very easy
  • every1234
    Well, that is not too hard to find, in the commercial center
  • Daniel6716
    Very convenient, in Zhongshan Road slip road. room is also good. eating shopping traffic is very convenient.
  • deepfeeling1000
    Hotel very good, service personnel also working very seriously, very good hotel, would live in the future!
  • e00300108
    Overall was satisfied, from Zhongshan Road, ferry docks near the first. room nice big. is the hallways filled with food, do not know sister is at the front desk we are too young or are for other reasons, we arranged to the last room. many types of food in the morning and taste good
  • fannyer
    Nice hotel, breakfast was good.
  • Ruby8699
    Travel location very good convenient for a taxi is convenient but slightly larger bed also great is the Mall downstairs next to the high street
  • e00274648
    Book Family Suite, an elderly children, lived together easily. the room condition is good, go out to dinner where shopping, just walking the streets, very convenient, recommend-
  • donyni
    Very close from the ferry terminal, convenient to the gulangyu. Next to Zhongshan Road shopping street, which is very convenient. Rooms are large, cleanliness is very good, just the front desk in the lobby of the mall a bit strange.
  • cleo1226
    Very good, from the pedestrian mall near
  • y878787
    Zhongshan Road is really very convenient, helpful staff, like his family's small terrace
  • fanfanyin
    Hotel is located in the pedestrian street of Zhongshan Road, siming district, Xiamen City Center, location very good, extremely good, service excellent, families live very comfortable
  • lv323
    It's not bad
  • sw555
    Stay 2 night follow-up clause, very convenient.
  • babj0314
    Hotel location is good, but the car is not easy, one-way street. room nice facility slightly old. poor service attitude, 13:30 and wait for the 14:30 to live, have no any apology appears to be at the front desk
  • Danile
    Travel easy
  • lunny1984
    Very convenient, on Zhongshan Road, downstairs is the Mall
  • aitely
    Location and environment of the hotel is good, they go out to eat and shopping street
  • cobra44
    Hotel on in Zhongshan Road Street next, terrain is good, make in the take static, traffic also very convenient. room also is satisfaction, set of is standard double room, because with children, so specially in starting Qian phone reservation department requirements is two Zhang 1.35 meters of bed, really of enough big, two Zhang bed and in with sleep 4 people are enough. room facilities General, TV with of is not smoothly, just to play of, this can ignored.
  • CW716
    Shopping Centre
  • wangjie972
    Environment, with buffet, quiet, away from the high street.
  • lynn24260
    Very nice, although the business district but not noisy, room is large, comfortable living
  • GARMEN88
    Very good.
  • e00069521
    Hotel is located in downtown, away from Chinese city and Zhongshan Road are is near, convenient. but such of hotel lobby is to accept, LD said has sentence, you I on cannot find a independent of hotel does? at that cause Ah, early know such, really of on not set here has. lobby curled up in a investment not fruit of integrated body in, front desk reception should are is from North-South very back of, frosty, no expression. Although card to upstairs, but really has attempts to of, followed live guest with up, isObstacles are no, hotel management quite chaos, or said basic self, no management. room aisle in a inexplicable of fishy taste, smell with quite not comfortable. room bathroom across water is poor, wash a bath on TALK BIG has. only worth pleased of is, bed and pillow is comfortable. breakfast said General like are has is testimonials, fried rice should is Chen, a only should is meters insect of biological cross corpse meters Shang, suddenly appetite full no, this also is with baby out play live of hotel, really let people no languageAnd sure I won't live! see photo!
    Nice, nice, near Zhongshan Lu.