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Astronomical high tide floods parts of Xiamen Thursday afternoon

Date: 2012-10-20

An astronomical high tide struck some coastal areas and low-lying parts of Xiamen on Thursday afternoon, but no casualties were reported, according to the Chinese-language Strait Herald.

The astronomical high tide occurred at around 2 o'clock in the afternoon, causing some sand sculptures at Guanyin Shan Sand Sculpture Cultural Park to be flooded. The tide also caused the sea water to backflow and flood some streets in Lundu, Shengping Road and Gulangyu Island.

Shacheng, Sansha, Pingtan, Chongwu, Zhangzhou, Dongshan and other places in Fujian province were also affected by the astronomical high tide, the report said.

Experts at the Xiamen Marine Environmental Forecasting Center predicted that another astronomical high tide could occur around 29th October, and suggested citizens living in the low-lying parts unplug their home appliances if they see any signs of sea water intrusion.

Astronomical tides are an equilibrium tide, and are a result of the movements of the sun and moon. However, the highest astronomical tide (HAT) is not the most extreme level that can be reached by the tide, as storm surges may cause considerably higher levels to occur.