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The team spirit of the eighteen reports will be held in Xiamen

Date: 2012-12-06

On 5th Dec,the centraldelegationpartyspirit of the eighteen majorreports will be held in Xiamen.Centraldelegationmember,the national development and Reform Commission ofthe Academy of macroeconomic researchof standingvice presidentLin Zhaomuproclaimed theoriginalreport.Provincial Party committee member,Xiamen municipal Party committee secretary Yu Weiguopresided over and spoke at the meeting.

Reporton the meeting,Lin ZhaomuQ & A,a comprehensive introduction to theeighteenreportof the drafting processandeighteen majorresultsfromeighteen subjects,six aspects,on thespirit of the eighteenconducted a comprehensiveexplanation andprofound exposition.Healso combine theirexperience,to grass-rootscadres and the masses in theimplementation ofthe spirit of the eighteen Congress ofthe thinkingand theencountered problemsforfaq.

Reportsimple language,explain profound theories in simple language,allowingparticipants tobenefit.Jimei Universityprofessor Peng Xiangyangnot onlymake note seriously,also conducted arecording,for fear of missingabrilliant discussion.He said:"we should seizethis opportunityto listen,think,learn,understand thespirit of the eighteen,it's better tothe masses of teachers and studentsto do publicity."From XiamenLakeStreetXuvillagecommunity81 years old andChen Renshan,in the bookheavilywrotefive or sixpages of notes.XiamenPoNorth neighborhoodSecretary Chen Jianping said:"as grass-roots workthe most directexecutorand implement,we needmoreemancipating the mind,pragmaticwork.In the future,we will continue to strengthenstudy and implement thespirit of the eighteen,the communityworkwell."