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2014 China xiamen season leisure activities held on April 12 to June 28

Date: 2014-03-19

On April 12, 2014, Chinese leisure travel season in xiamen, xiamen east cultural and artistic center plaza grand launch, and will continue to June 28.Ten series of exciting activities, will detonate sagishima, citizens visitors can broad participation experience.
Yesterday morning, xiamen municipal tourism bureau held a news, issued the 2014 China xiamen leisure tourism season activities related content.
Citizens of tourists can be widely participate in the experience
The reporter understands, this year's leisure travel season in order to "beautiful xiamen, leisure tour" as the theme, lasted two and a half months, a total of 10 games will be held in activities, let citizens and tourists to appreciate and experience of leisure culture in xiamen.
Leisure travel season is take the route of "fit", all activities emphasize the citizens and tourists experience to participate in together.According to introducing, leisure travel season will be leisure and leisure and the city or the country, both sea and air show, coffee, tea, wine for the element of city leisure products, and the depth of experience for an outing, enjoy flower, seeding, breathing ecological leisure products and fully reveal the xiamen unique urban humanities and "slow city" quality of life.
Laurence wong kwok pun has been xiamen municipal tourism bureau, said the xiamen will be successfully held the first China xiamen leisure tourism season, based on the further implementation of strategic planning in xiamen is beautiful, dig deep xiamen leisure tourism products, the formation of public leisure products and urban leisure products reflect product system, to increase the heft of xiamen tourism market both at home and abroad, to build to the domestic and overseas markets, distinct themes, with local characteristics of tourism festival brand.
Wisdom tourism power activity promotion
The leisure tourism season rolled out different forms and contents of the new leisure tourism products, want to sign up the experience of tourists, and can log in xiamen travel network and each site to undertake unit, or focus on xiamen city tourism bureau official weibo, micro letter, download xiamen tourism official APP, can easily understand the details and participate in the experience.
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